We offer exceptional made to measure blinds, shutters and awnings.
Fitted with precision - and backed our friendly local customer service,
backed by a full quality assurance guarantee.

Pleated Blinds.

Perfect for even the most complex windows or roof lights, a softer approach to window shading in a wide choice of colours, textures and styles.


Subtle light control for all window shapes and sizes. Perfect for hard to reach windows like skylights or conservatory roofs. Beautifully made Pleated blinds that feature child safe operation with LiteRise®.


Lovely textures and designs in a wide range of fabrics create a stylish and versatile blind with excellent light control and privacy suitable for every room.


Brighten up your home with a wide range of colours available in every shade you can imagine, from soft neutrals to strong accent brights. You can also choose our top down / bottom up option for the ultimate light and privacy control.

Made just
for you.

Every blind and shutter we make is produced to the exact measurements of your window to ensure the perfect fit, every time. Our highly skilled craftsmen take pride in every order they produce to achieve the best result on every, single product we make.

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to fitting.

We understand how important it is that your order is managed smoothly, without any stress. That’s why our team will provide a polite and professional service throughout every stage of the process and we will always be available to assist you even after your product is fitted.

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and expert.

Established for over 20 years, UK Blinds have vast experience in understanding every type of blind and shutter that is available. We are continually reviewing our range to offer the most stylish and innovative products and we never stop trying to find new ways to delight our customers.

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